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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Good Ol' Days: New Time Capsule Buried Outside New Braunfels Courthouse after 115 Years

     You just never know what to expect when you walk out of your office. This morning, I was lucky enough to snap some photos of what is sure to be a very historic event. 115 years ago to the day, a time capsule was buried in the cornerstone of the Comal County Courthouse. It was removed during the Centennial celebration back in 1998, but a new one was not buried until today. As far as the contents go, it will remain a mystery. The powers-that-be seem to think it will be more exciting that way, as some of the fun was removed when the old time capsule was removed with an inventory. (Any other history buffs out there disagree? I mean, really, how can anything that lasted 100 years of weathering, not to mention the complete overhaul of the courthouse, be considered anything but an amazing and precious gift?)

Admittedly, these are not the most exciting photos, but it is still a pretty cool event and I am so glad I was able to see it! A reminder that not everything has to be flashy to be interesting in today's overly stimulated world.

Just a little then and now for those curious...
  • Cost of sugar
    • 1898: $0.05/lb
    • Now: $0.56/lb.
  • Cost of bread
    • 1898: $0.06/lb
    • Now: $1.43/lb
  • Cost of cheese:
    • 1898: $0.16/lb.
    • Now: $4.25/lb. (and that is for the processed cheese!)
  • Cost of butter:
    • 1898: $0.26/lb.
    • Now: $3.18/lb
  • Average family size:
    • 1898: 5
    • Now:  2.48 
I have always found this information fascinating  How much we have evolved (and how much have we lost?) in those 115 years. What are your predictions for 2098 when the time capsule is set be reopened?