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Friday, June 28, 2013

Welcome Home to Voss Farms in New Braunfels, Texas

Welcome Home to Voss Farms in New Braunfels, TXVoss Farms

Tell Me a Little About Voss Farms

Voss Farms is a wonderful subdivision in New Braunfels, Texas that is conveniently located next to shopping, schools, and more. It sits just behind Kraft Park which features a playscape as well as a walking trail. The neighborhood is filled with beautiful oak trees and features a community center with gated pool to cool off during the Texas heat waves. It is well maintained and a quiet and quaint mix of young families and retirees. 

Looking For a Home in Voss Farms?

If you are interested in looking at homes currently for sale in Voss Farms, follow this link or call me at (830) 237 8463 to set up a tour. The neighborhood also has new homes currently going up, so be sure to call me about incentive packages or to view current models that may be more your taste.

What is the Neighborhood Like?

The homes in Voss Farms are one and two story single family homes, usually 3 and 4 bedrooms and averaging 1500-2700 sq. ft. There are multiple builders in this neighborhood, so you are certain to find a home to suit your particular tastes. Some lots are located along the Greenbelt, and all lots are well maintained due to the HOA

What is Nearby?

Voss Farms is less than 5 miles from more than 5 different schools as well as Kraft Park. The neighborhood is also located just off of IH35 for an easy commute. It is also just a few short miles from Schlitterbahn Water Park and historic Gruene Hall. There is a shopping center less than 3 miles and more shopping available in the nearby Creekside center or a short drive to the outlet malls in San Marcos.

What Schools will the Children Attend?

Voss Farms is zoned in the acclaimed New Braunfels ISD, and children will attend Walnut Springs Elementary (which is almost within walking distance), New Braunfels Middle School and New Braunfels High School. New Braunfels Academy, early education for toddlers to children age 5, is also nearby. 

Ready to Move In?

Please follow this link to search for current homes for sale in the Voss Farms subdivision, or call me at (830) 237 8463 to schedule a walk through of the models that are currently going up. Remember, you have to take me with you  in order to have access to special incentives!
Happy Homebuying!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mockingbird Heights Subdivision in New Braunfels, Texas

Mockingbird Heights Subdivision in New Braunfels

Mockingbird Heights Subdivision

Why is Mockingbird Heights the Right Neighborhood for Me?

Mockingbird Heights is a beautiful neighborhood of Texas Tuscan stone style homes nestled in senic New Braunfels, Texas. It's welcoming and well-kept feel is further accented by a pool and play yard for fun in the Texas sun and full of beautiful oak trees to sneak into the shade. It's location is convient to all major roads to keep commute time down but far enough out to not get caught up in traffic. It is truly the best of both worlds in small town charm with a modern flair.

Looking for a home in Mockingbird Heights?

Interested in homes in Mockingbird Heights? Visit this link to find more homes or call me and let me take you on a tour.

What is Mockingbird Heights like?

Mockingbird Heights consists of one and two story single family homes with affordable and quality construction. Since there are still so many new homes available there are special incentives to buyers such as wood upgrades on the cabinets, affordable granite packages for the kitchen and bathroom, energy packages to keep costs low and much more. The homes range anywhere from 3 to 5 bedrooms so there is room for everyone! Each of the homes features an open concept and beautiful valted ceilings.

What is Nearby?

Just minutes away from Schlitterbahn Water Park and historic Gruene, Texas there is something for everyone. Mockingbird Heights also conviently located six short miles from shopping, a new medical center, and movie theatre and great restuarants in the Creekside center.

What Schools are Zoned for Mockingbird Heights?

The nieghborhood children will go to Walnut Springs Elementary, New Braunfels Middle School, and New Braunfels High School, all of which are within the acclaimed New Braunfels ISD. 

Are You Ready to Find Your Home in Here?

To find homes in or around the Mockingbird Heights Subdivision in New Braunfels, Texas, follow this link or call me at (830) 237 8463. 
Happy Homebuying!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Buy New

Top 5 Reasons to Buy New

In today's market, new homes are going up left and right from reputable builders. There are also going off the market almost as fast as they are built because for many (not all!) modern homebuyers, a new home is the best investment. Here I have gathered the best reasons to buy new instead of pre-loved.

1.     Energy Efficency

New homes are generally more built more energy efficient than older homes. Many builders include energy efficient, GE certified appliances as part of their incentive packages and some have even gone so far as to add solar paneling. This means being able to go green and save green.

2.     Maintenance and Warranty Packages

The newness of the home itself is reason enough for less maintenance than an older home. Modern building methods have also provided a home that may be more structurally sound than older homes so there could be less maintenance overall. Most builders are so certain of this that many add warranties, some as many as 10 years, to the home.

3.     Financing and Incentives

Many builders do in-house financing which could make qualifying for the home easier than conventional banking methods. There are also financial incentives in some new home neighborhoods, such as qualifying for a USDA loan which could allow for $0 down. Other incentive packages include granite upgrades, stainless steel appliances, irrigation systems and more. There are also tax credits available for first time homebuyers.

4.     Modern Appeal

These are homes built by modern builders for the modern buyer. Sleek and sophisticated with open concepts. Many builders even allow for customizable options so you can have a home that really fits your style.

5.     Location & Amenities

With a new home you have more possibility than ever to find the perfect location for your needs. There are homes that feature easy access for a smooth commute while still maintaining the small town feel. Or you can be in the middle of big city without losing out on conveniences such as community pools, parks, playgrounds, swimming pools and so much more.

 In many cases, I believe that a new home is the best investment. But the number one trick to getting the best deal on a new home? Find a REALTOR® who has built a relationship with multiple builders in your area so that they can show you the best neighborhoods and find you the best incentive packages.

Looking for a new home in the New Braunfels/San Marcos/ Schertz area? Give me a call and let’s set up a tour of the best neighborhoods for you! (830) 237-8463.

As always, any questions can be left below or emailed to me at Happy Homebuying!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Is There Really Such a Thing as 0% Down?

Is there really such thing as 0% down?

by Kelle Wirt

                For first time homebuyers, a real estate transaction can seem like a scary and daunting ordeal. One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Is there really such thing as 0% down for first time homebuyers?” Despite the old adage, “If it is too good to be true, it probably is,” in many instances, the answer is YES. In Texas, the two most utilized programs for first time homebuyers are the SETH program and TMP- 79. Even without these programs, interest rates are at a record low and home buying has never been more affordable – as long as you have a professional REALTOR® on your side who knows the ins and outs of these programs and knows you individually to provide you with the best assistance.

What are the SETH program and TMP-79 and how can they help first time homebuyers with 0% down?

                The SETH program provides down payment assistance and tax credit for eligible loans which include FHA, VA, and USDA-RD. There are some eligibility requirements and a course is mandatory.  Please see this site for more information. TMP-79 (“Taxable Mortgage Program”) is also known as “My First Texas Home.”  Provided by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, this is a relatively new assistance program to help with a fixed interest rate as well as closing costs. More in-depth information can be found here. 

What is the bottom line for a first time homebuyer?

                The bottom line for a first time homebuyer is this: you need a professional REALTOR® in your corner who will give you not only the information on assistance, but all the information to make an informed decision that is right for you. For example, while these programs are a wonderful way for first time home buyers to make an investment while the market is great but there can be reasons not to take them: later this year mortgage insurance premium (also known as “MI”) cannot be removed for the life of the loan unless a mandatory ten percent down was presented at closing as opposed to when the home reaches the 80/20 loan to value split and if you move too soon after the purchase of the home, you could be upside down. I will be happy to walk you through this information, as I have dealt with it both personally and professionally and know how confusing it can be. As your REALTOR®, I am here to provide you with the ability to make an informed decision, not to make the decision for you. Feel free to email me at or call me at (830) 237-8463 if you are looking for a home in the Central Texas area. If you are looking outside the Central Texas area, please be sure to bring these and any questions up to your REALTOR® 

Reasons to Hire a REALTOR® and why the Information about Brokerage Services Form is Important

Reasons to hire and REALTOR® and why an Information About Brokerage Services form is important

by Kelle Wirt

                Just like in many businesses, there is usually some mild hesitation about working with a salesperson of any kind, and REALTORS® are not immune to this. Due to the poor ethics of some, the whole group is given a bad rap. However, having a REALTOR® in your corner is a very good idea  for a variety of reasons. When first meeting with your REALTOR®, they probably handed you a form that looks like this. This is a relatively simple form that says expressly whom the REALTOR® is working for. It is important to understand that if you have a REALTOR® working for you, they are always working in your best interest (provided they are an ethical agent.) The Information About Brokerage Services is to let you know there will be no conflict of interest if the buyer’s agent or seller’s agent happens to represent both sides of the sale. Simply stated; if the buyer or seller agrees to this intermediary relationship the agent will not divulge any information to either party in any way to give favor to one over the other.             Another good reason to have a REALTOR® in your corner is the relationships they build in their community. They know about the latest developments in the community, from new builds to foreclosures, they can find you the home best suited to your needs no matter what those needs may be. A REALTOR® is there to be used – use them! A common misconception is that you will get a “better deal” without a REALTOR®, but in no way is that the case. They have information you may not be privy to through their wealth of connections and, perhaps most importantly, they have been through the process of selling homes multiple times and therefore they know the right questions to ask and the best way to negotiate their client’s interest.

A note about REALTOR® ethics and the Buyer’s Rep Contract

An ethical and responsible REALTOR® is going to communicate with you and be competent. At the very least, you should expect your REALTOR® to answer all questions in a timely fashion and be up to date on the latest laws and current trends in the real estate market. If they fail to do either of these things, drop them and find someone who will. You deserve to be represented by the best. However, this communication must go both ways, and the best way for that to happen is to sign a Buyer’s Rep Contract. This guarantees that you will work with that REALTOR® only for your current needs. While signing contracts may make some uneasy, this is the best way to build a relationship with a REALTOR® you have come to trust. Do know that these contracts can be made to a specific location, so if you are an investor looking at multiple areas, you can find someone in each area to be sure they have the best information possible.

As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email me at or comment below. Happy home buying! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Different Kind of Date - Swing Dance and Live Concerts Tuesdays inNew Braunfels

Tired of the same old dinner and a movie routine? Looking for something new and exciting without breaking the bank? Then head on down to historic Gruene for swing dance lessons followed by the Two-Ton Rockabilly band - all for less than $15 dollars a person! You can even grab a bite to eat, no matter what your taste may be.
Head on over to Cantina Del Rio for a delicious fish taco or burger.
Hit up Adobe Verde for more traditional Tex-Mex.
Mosey on to Mozie's for an eclectic menu and a stiff drink.
Watch the river run outside of Gristmill and enjoy some true Texas sized onion rings, no to mention the other delicious main dishes.
Stop by the Gruene River Grill for a lighter fair and a truly unique dining room feel.
Want to grab a glass of wine?
You can sample some unique flavors at the Winery on the Gruene - and keep the glass!
Feeling a little more old fashioned? Grab a scoop of ice cream or piece of fudge at the Gruene General Store.
Then dance the night away in renowned Gruene Hall, rockabilly style! Take a break out in the beer garden and take in the amazing Texas stars at night! It will be a night never to forget and unlike any date you have had before. Just one more reason Hill Country living is the best! 

Want easy access to amazing events like this every night? Give me a call and let me find you your own little piece of the Hill Country - whether you are looking to custom build on your own land, want something with a little more history or just need some temporary living, I can find you what you are looking for. Come see why this is the best place on Earth! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Simple Truth Behind DTI (Debt to Income)

The Simple Truth Behind DTI (Debt to Income)

Debt to Income: what, how and where 

You may have experienced it before - applied for a loan, a credit card, a mortgage or a refinance and told you were turned down due to DTI. You may have even been told a certain percentage and to keep paying and try again later. But, unless you have asked specifically, chances are no one has explained to you exactly what DTI is or where most lenders want you to be.

What is DTI?

DTI, or debt to income, is a factor most lenders take into consideration before approving you for a loan. It is a relatively simple calculation that looks out your outstanding debts to your current income. Debts that are taken into consideration are things like car payments, student loans, child support, mortgage or rent payments, etc.  They will factor the amount you currently pay plus what you are projected to pay to make sure you are a viable risk for that loan.

How do I calculate my DTI?

Let's say that you bring home $3000 a month. You pay out $650 a month in car payments, $100 a month for student loans, and have a current rent of $900 a month. You take your total debt ($1650 a month) and divide it by your salary ($3000) and multiply that answer by 100. In this case your DTI would be 55%. 
However, let's say you are looking to take a loan out for a home that would be paying $1000 a month on. In that case you would replace your $900 rent payment for the $1000 mortgage payment and plug it into the same equation. Your projected DTI is then 58%. 

Where does my DTI need to be to get approved?

This question is a little tricky. Most lenders would like DTI to be at 41% or lower to be approved. However, every individual case is different and will be evaluated with consideration to credit and other factors. Any time you are turned down, down't be afraid to ask and now you can go in a little more confident of what to expect. 

If you have been turned down due to DTI in relation to car loans and are looking to buy a home in the New Braunfels/Kyle/Cibolo/Schertz areas, give me a call! I may be able to help! (830) 237-8463.

I hope this helps! Happy homebuying!