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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Considering a move to Central Texas? A few of my favorite things to eat in New Braunfels.

Food, glorious food. There are very few stereotypes about Texans that end up being true, but there is no lie to how much we love our food – or the abundance of “unusual” food. Let’s start with breakfast, as it is the most important meal of the day. Most people in New Braunfels start their breakfast one of two ways: with a kolache or a breakfast taco.Kolaches came to us from Central Europe (traditionally Czech) and are traditionally breads filled with a fruit or egg filling. While these are available in bakeries in New Braunfels, if you come to New Braunfels and ask for a kolache, you will most likely be presented with one of these:
Basically, a pig-in-a-blanket taken to levels of cheesy, jalapeno greatness. (They are also available without jalapenos and without cheese, but really, what’s the point?) The breakfast taco is basically as simple as it sounds: a tortilla filled with eggs and a breakfast meat or cheese or a fajita or carne guisada taco eaten during the hours of breakfast.( I have been told by some of our California emigrants that these are called “breakfast burritos” there. They are tacos here, but at least you will be familiar with the concept when you move!) The magic is, of course, in whether or not the tortillas are freshly made. If not, again I ask, what’s the point? (FYI: If you move here and work in a business that usually has breakfast brought to them, do not expect doughnuts. They are available, just not common.)
Another wonderful way New Braunfels celebrates the love of food are the festivals. Wurstfest, or the 10 day salute to sausage, is a wonderful gathering that happens every Fall. This is a nod to our Germanic roots. Ten wonderful days are spent with sausage- or porkchops-on-a-stick, fried pickles, fried Oreos, and a wonderful medley of other traditional and not-so-traditional Germanic foods. Oh, and beer! Not to mention live music and, perhaps even sweeter than deep fried Oreos, little ones dressed up in lederhosen and dirndls (they are available in all sizes, there is just nothing cuter than miniature.) Another Fall festival is Wassailfest. Wassail is technically a drink, but there is roasted corn and kettle corn and all sorts of deliciously scented Fall goodies. Downtown is filled with various businesses with their take from healthy to butter-filled (yes, there is a drink that actually contains butter) and kid-friendly to parent-friendly. You taste them all and then rate them. Best of all, it is one of those wonderful examples of the small-town New Braunfels way of life and gives you an opportunity to see the wonderful eclectic shops that New Braunfels has to offer.
Moving to Central Texas for the weather is a good idea. Moving to Central Texas for the architecture is a good idea. Moving to Central Texas for the cultural diversity is a good idea. Moving to Central Texas for the employment stability is a good idea. Moving to Central Texas for the food…that is rock solid. Calling me today to find you the perfect Central Texas home? That might be the best idea yet.
What are some of your favorite eats and treats?